• Safari Clamp

    R6,900.00 inc. Vat
    The GimPro Safari Clamp offers complete versatility where you need it most. The only photographic mount to give you ultimate freedom of movement and stability while totally securing your camera gear . Fluid and stable panning motion achieved by using sealed bearings on all pivot points. Features:
    • Combo consists of the GimPro Pipe Clam, GimPro Swivel Arm and the GimPro Vertical Extension.
    • 270 deg rotation on the vertical.
    • Ability to fit on vertical or horizontal tubing.
    • May be used as a hanging setup as well.
    • Fits tubing sizes from 25mm to 50mm by means of removable jaw inserts.
    • Precision engineered Aluminium construction.
    • Same precise bearing pivots as used in the GimPro Gimbal head.
    • Used with any Gimbal Head.
  • Hide Clamp MK2

    R1,950.00 inc. Vat
    The GimPro Hide clamp is designed to clamp on the wooden sill in a hide, horizontally or vertically. Solid and secure stability where you need it most. Attach any GimPro Gimbal or Swivel Arm for total stability of your camera gear. Features:
    • Manufactured from Anodized Aluminium.
    • Two 3/8” attachment points
    • Clamp opening is 82mm
    • Two stage jaw adjustment for narrower ledges.
    • Weight – 800g
    • Size – 150x110x50
    • Very versatile in its uses.
  • Swivel Arm

    R3,900.00 inc. Vat
    Swivel arm to add another dimension to clamps and mounts. Transforms a single pivot point to a multi angle mount. Designed to work with GimPro hide clamp and Pipe clamp. Features
    • Pivot runs on three sets of sealed roller ball bearings.
    • Machined from solid Aluminium
    • Incorporates quick release coupling to attach gimbal onto arm.
    • Swing radius is adjustable.
    • Finger touch friction adjustment.
    • Weight – 950g
    • Size – 280x80x80
  • Spacers

    R400.00 inc. Vat
    Used for lifting and spacing on various GimPro products.
    • Standard 3/8 inch stud to fit GimPro Gimbal or Pano Heads.
    • Machined from solid Aluminium
  • Pipe Clamp

    R2,950.00 inc. Vat
    Universal pipe clamp with standard 3/8” fitments for attaching gimbal or other attachments. Most stable clamp on the market.
    • Precision machined from solid Aluminium.
    • Fits pipes from 25 – 55 mm
    • Wrap around clamp for maximum clamp force.
    • Multiple uses on vertical and horizontal applications.
    • Use on its own or with accessories
    • Weight 1400g
    • Size 140x130x60
  • 100mm Lens Plate

    R400.00 inc. Vat
    • Standard Arca Swiss lens plates in 75mm, 100mm and 150mm lengths.
    • Complete with 1/4 inch camera screws
  • 150mm Lens Plate

    R460.00 inc. Vat
    • Standard Arca Swiss lens plates in 75mm, 100mm and 150mm lengths.
    • Complete with 1/4 inch camera screws