Ralph found an outlet for his creativity in photography.  Ralph is a passionate amateur photographer and loves spending time capturing the beauty of South African nature and wild life.  It was while spending time in a hide, struggling to capture birds in flight, that the idea for the GimPro was born.  A fellow photographer in the hide was showing off his gimbal.  After trying it out, Ralph was convinced that his photography would only benefit from having a gimbal.  Back at home, Ralph spent some time researching gimbals and then disappeared into his workshop to make one of his own!  This was the first generation of the GimPro.  Endless hours were spent on improving the design and function of this gimbal, resulting in the current GimPro.

The manufacturing facility of the GimPro is based in Pretoria.  Here, each piece of the GimPro is measured, milled and turned to exact specifications to ensure that a product of the highest quality is delivered.  Every time.

Ralph Pollack

Designer and Manufacturer of GimPro