The GimPro Gimbal MK3 Head consists of 16 individually CNC machined parts, and each component is machined from the best machine grade Aluminium, to meet the highest standards and all the components are assembled by hand.

The GimPro Gimbal MK3 Head is a sidekick and conventional Gimbal Head all in one.


  • Quick Release lever locking for easy lens removal
  • Unique ‘ Click ‘ adjustment on vertical and horizontal pan and tilt with positive feedback on drag adjustment.
  • Smooth drag adjustment on both axis.
  • Now Featuring the unique micro adjustment on the quick release lever clamping force
  • The MK3 Gimbal head features a reversible slide base to allow for easy macro photography.
  • Easier and safer to use than a ball head with improved balance and performance
  • Six precision, sealed, no maintenance roller bearings allow for smooth pan and tilt
  • Quick height adjustment made easy
  • Black anodised aluminium for wear and scratch resistance.
  • The capacity to handle all telephoto lenses, including Nikon’s and Canon’s 800 mm lenses.
  • Easy to disassemble for compact packing and travel
  • Maintenance-free; no lubrication needed
  • Individual parts are mechanically fixed together with no welding done on any part of the unit.
  • All the components are assembled with special joints and high grade stainless steel screw.
  • Lock and drag knobs allow for greater comfort and more controlled pan and tilt.
  • All machine grade Aluminium construction with no plastic or rubber that can break or deteriorate
  • All knobs are captive, so nothing can get lost.
  • Note! Includes a 150mm lens plate